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because you're never too old to lace up and hit the ice
An adult skating community
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4th-Dec-2008 12:43 pm - Ice Skates


Some of you may remember me, as I posted here a while ago.  I started skating lessons in january after a quarter of a century of skating once a year at christmas, if that. Despite  the summer break and not being able to practise at all outside of my weekly lessons I'm now halfway through level nine of the learn to skate programme, with most of level 10 done as well. Yay!

Anyway up till now I've been using the rink's boots, which has been fine. Except this week they gave me really awful boots, and then again when I asked to swap. They were broken, blunt and they really hurt round the ankles (they were the hard plastic, strap ones). So I'm reluctantly thinking about buying my own boots (as it stands I'm the only person in my group still using the rink's boots, but that's more because they're spoilt little girls I feel, then any other reason).

Anyway I can order the boots through the rink, or over the internet myself, or I may possibly be able to buy some in the shop in slough when I go visit my parents over xmas. My main problem though is where to start? I have no idea what to go for. I want boots that will last me, but don't need anything too fancy as I won't be doing competitions or anything. I had a quick flick through the rink brochure and they had the following types. Any recommendations? What's the difference between them? Are they worth the extra money? Which would you go for and why?

Risport Antea £86
Risport Etoile £107
Jackson Glacier £81
Jackson Mystique £93

Any other brands you would recommend?
8th-Aug-2008 09:12 pm - Not exactly new...
running before walking Tony
Hello, everyone! I have been a figure skater for over 16 years. I used to teach, do synchro, and singles, and was on the ice for at least 14 hours a week. Now, I just skate whenever I get the chance. I want to compete again, but I am not sure if that will happen due to my bad joints. I also have no time thanks to college, and the closest rink is almost 40 minutes away. I really miss skating. It is such a huge part of my life, especially because of the friends that I made and the life lessons I have learned. I have a tattoo of a figure skate on my right foot. My user name means ice princess in Manx. Once a figure skater, always a figure skater!
19th-Jul-2008 11:49 am - Places to order skating dresses?
Liz Bennet

Hey everyone!

Up to this point I've just tested (lowest levels) in a leotard and skirt from a local dancewear shop, but I've got a couple of tests and our state comp. coming up and I need to start looking for actual skating dresses. Where do you all get yours?

I've done some Googling, but does anyone have personal experience with websites or companies they've ordered from that they would recommend? Especially ones that have dresses in stock for average-build women (I've been blessed with curves - no straight-up-and-down designs for me!).

Bad buying experiences and tips on things to look for would also be welcome!

26th-Mar-2008 09:38 am - Where to skate
Should I take lessons at Alexandra Palace (http://www.alexandrapalace.com/icerink.html) or Lee Valley (http://www.leevalleypark.org.uk/en/content/cms/Leisure/Activities_and_Sport/ice_centre/ice_centre.aspx) ? Lee Valley is almost Olympic size & is centre of excellence of the South or something like that plus you can have public sessions after lessons whereas at Ally Pally you don't
16th-Mar-2008 11:28 pm - Learning to skate
After having visited ice rinks very rarely throughout my life I decided in January to start taking lessons. Of course I am double the height and at least triple the age of everyone else in my group. I'm really enjoying it though, and hopefully will have completed level 5 in a couple of weeks (am doing the skate U.K. learn to skate programme http://www.chelmsford.gov.uk/index.cfm?articleid=9467#5 )

My main problem though is being able to practise. The rink where I live in teeny tiny and always really packed, you just can't do anything apart from go round in circles squished between other people. My lessons are half an hour, which is great for the limited attention span of most 8year olds, but for me, it feels like as soon as I get started it's time to get off of the ice. I'm going to visit my parents over the easter weekend, and the ice rink near them has adult only skating during the day which will probably be quite quiet, so I'm really looking forward to going there. It really shouldn't be this hard though, I feel that there's no way of learning, without giving the rink huge amounts of money, which isn't really what a beginner wants to do.

Anyway I just wanted to introduce myself to the comunity, I'm sure I'll be coming on with lots of questions once I get to the hard stuff. (If I get to the hard stuff)
10th-Jan-2008 08:04 am - Looking for skate recomendations
April 2007
Hello everyone!

My name is Rebekah and like many of you, I took lessons as a child and had to stop when high school/college/job demands became more pressing.  I've managed to get on the ice a few times a year since then, but the skates I had as a teenager have long since gone to Goodwill. I would very much like to start skating again on a more regular basis but the rental skates available at my local rinks are simply appalling. Every time I skate, I cringe at the number of people staggering around in floppy skates. I'm currently comfortable doing basic forward stroking, forward crossovers and snowplow stops. I'm shaky skating backwards and even shakier on backward crossovers. I've attempted some three turns (over by the boards with one hand on the rail!) with so-so results. I'd very much like to start some kind of basic lessons again and I'd love to eventually be able to do a decent mohawk. I don't intend to compete (way too fluffy for that!) just skate for fitness and my own enjoyment of the sport.

I confess that I am absolutely clueless when it comes to choosing skates. I tend to skate at the public park rinks in Chicago, so no pro shops. Can anyone recommend a good quality beginner skate? All I remember from my childhood skating endeavors is that Harlick and Riedell are pretty decent brands.  I'm a single mom and a college student, so of course price is a concern.  Still, I'd much rather spend a little more money on something that I can use for a while. Also, can anyone tell me the difference in an "entry level boot" and an "instructional level boot" ?

A few I've been considering:

Thank you in advance and happy skating to all!
3rd-Dec-2007 12:46 pm - I miss Skaitng!
zeppelin guitar
Hi, I'm Krystal. I used to skate but I haven't in about 3 years and I really miss it now. When I see ice skating on tv I get really sad and think "I should be doing that!".  I started skating when I was 8 but once I hit the 'teens' I had less and less time to practice with everything else that was going. Eventually, when I got to high school, freshman year, I quit. I decided to try another sport since there wasn't an ice skating team at school. Now I'm a senior, 17 years old, three years later, and I wonder if after three years I will be able to pick up where I left off, or if I'll have to learn everything over again. And I wonder if when I go to the rink or to competitions I'll feel silly being surrounded by children. I was working on FS 1 or 2, I believe . . . Has anyone here taken a very long break from skating and then tried to go back to it? Any advice?
4th-Oct-2007 01:34 pm - Not exactly a newbie!
I'm an adult skater who has been skating for about 8 years. I skate for fun and exercise and I also occasionally compete. I'm in the L.A. area. 
5th-Sep-2007 08:43 pm - Newbie
Hello! I just signed up. This community sounds really interesting. I've just started taking FS2 lessons. I'm from the Philippines and we're under Ice Skating Institute(ISI).

I sometimes feel that I'm too old, I'm turning 23 this month by the way, to skate but finding friends from the rink with same age range or even older plus this community really makes me happy and makes me really feel that ice skating is for everyone! I also hope to make some friends here! ;)

Happy Skating everyone!
3rd-Aug-2007 12:23 pm - Learning rate
Hello everybody here,

I have a question for you. What's the medium average learning progress for an adult beguinner? (or what should it be?) For a 'real' beguinner, somebody who has never hit the ice before start taking classes.

I know the question has a very wide range of answers and it may seem very vague as every adult is different. Yes, yes... it depends on how many hours per week you can practice, your own skills (or lack of :P ), previous sport training, and of course, fear of falling.

But for a middle aged adult who can skate 3-4 times a week (with a total amount of +/- 8 hours), how long should it take feeling comfortable with forward and backward crossovers, t- and hockey stops?
It's just to realize how goofy I am: I've been taking classes for a year now and backward crossovers are still out of my range. My stops aren't brilliant either.

How long did you take achieving that level?

Boira (one adult beguinner who's terrified of falling)
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