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Well, I finally got back on the ice after about eight years, and I… 
12th-Oct-2009 03:55 pm
Well, I finally got back on the ice after about eight years, and I seem to almost be back to where I left off with skating... pretty much terrible at it, but for some reason I still enjoy it and believe I could get better.

I have a little problem, though - my left boot is really digging into my ankle for some reason! They're not super-new boots, they were definitely broken in before I stopped skating, but it's actually done this to my ankle and it kills trying to do back crossovers one direction because of the pressure.

Any advice? Should I wrap my ankle? It's only the left one, the right boot is fine.

also, do you have any recommendations for websites that have advice on basic skating techniques? I'm gonna spend this first month just working on edges, crossovers, turns and such and then start up with (basic) lessons in November.
12th-Oct-2009 03:24 pm (UTC)
Oh, wow! They've come up with a bunch of new stuff since I skated! Definitely getting that bunion thing once I can afford a new pair of skates!

Dilettantka - if your boots are made of leather, you can also try using alcohol. I usually soak the areas that hurt then put the boots on and wear them around the house until they dry. Helps a bit.
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